What’s the Best Way to Store Your Cannabis?

When looking for the best way to store cannabis, there are a few things that will affect your cannabis. These are temperature, oxygen and light. You will want to use an air tight jar, keep it out of direct light, and ideally store it at a cool temperature.

There are many ways to create an environment ideal for storing cannabis. The easiest way to do this at home is by putting your buds in a mason jar to keep the air out. To keep your cannabis out of direct light you can put your mason jar into paper bag or drawer. If you like to personalize your stash, you can paint your mason jar to decorate it and keep the light out.

When storing your cannabis over a short period of time, room temperature is fine. It’s more important to keep it out of a warm spot or drastically changing temperatures, like above the fridge or by a door. When storing cannabis for a long time (months) it is best to keep it in a sealed mason jar, out of light, in a fridge or another cool storage place.

You can also control the humidity of your container through the use of humidifier packs. There are a few different brands on the market, with Boveda being one that works well with cannabis. This will keep your weed squishy and tasting good for a fraction of the cost of a cigar humidor. It would be ideal to store your cannabis in a humidor, but isn’t realistic for the average patient.

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