First cannabis convention show works to dispel fears, answer questions

Show organizer has plans to take show across CanadaBy: Gail Harding

One of the organizers of a cannabis convention being held at the Moncton Coliseum says it’s hoped that it will help educate anyone with questions about medical marijuana use.

“We really wanted an atmosphere where people could feel comfortable asking questions, getting the right information,” said Diane Smirl. “We developed this show specifically for those people.” 

Connect with Cannabis Show organizer Diane Smirl says the show will provide the right information to those who need it. (Matthew Bingley/CBC)

The Connect with Cannabis Show is the first one to take place, but Smirl says the plan is to take it across Canada.

She said it’s time to bring the conversation about cannabis out of the back alleys, now that the federal government has a plan to legalize it.

“This is a room full of experts regardless where they’re from, these are all licensed users, they’ve been through the process.”

Dispel fears

Chris Backer, vice chair of the Halifax-based Maritimers United for Medical Marijuana, is one of the vendors.    

“It’s nice to dispel people’s fears and give people useful, valuable information that they can go then to their doctor with.” 

Chris Backer, vice chair of Maritimers United for Medical Marijuana says the show will help dispel fears. (Matthew Bingley/CBC)

Backer said being able to educate people in a convention setting is a positive step.

“We have an opportunity to learn about it properly.” 

Smirl said while some booths feature novelty items like pipes and bongs, others have information to share. 

“Anything that can be sold in a retail location that’s legally licensed can be sold here. Anything that’s not licensed for retail won’t be sold here.”

Seeking answers

Anne Newcomb-Thibodeau said she came to the show looking for answers after she recently switched to medical marijuana to treat her chronic pain.

Despite it being prescribed by her doctor, Newcomb-Thibodeau said she still didn’t know much about it but was finding the show beneficial.

“If you’re new to it, where do you go to get your answers?” she asked. 

The Connect with Cannabis Show continues until Sunday. 

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