Seeds in stock

 $40/5 pack

  • Pink Headband (2 packs available)
    Pink Kush x Sour OG
  • Pink Machine  (2 packs available)
    Pink Kush x Washing Machine

 $40/5 pack

  • Cara Cara
    Pandora’s Box x Orange Peako Cambodian
  • Face Hugger
    Afghan x (Pandora’s Box x Blueberry)
  • Orange Skunk
    Chemdog91 x Orange Peako Cambodian
  • Purple Menace
    Blueberry x Blueberry
  • Bubble’s Haze
    Bubblegum x Bangi Haze
  • Dr. Moreau
    Blueberry x Bangi Haze
  • Grand Mommy Purple
    Blueberry x (Pandora’s Box x Blueberry)
  • Happy Happy Happy
    Happiness x Orange Peako Cambodian
  • Jack’s Cambodian
    Jack Herer x Orange Peako Cambodian
  • Orange Peako Cambodian (F2)
  • The White Walker
    Blueberry x Bubblegum

Note: A little history of the mothers and fathers in the Green Beaver crosses.

  • Blueberry Mom was a DJ shorts original Blueberry “Princess purple”.
  • Bubblegum Mom was from Serious Seeds. It’s the “Pink Bubblegum” pheno.
  • The Jack Herer Mom is an 11 year old Mom from Sensi Seeds.
  • There’s a limited edition Happiness Mom. It’s the rare “Warlock Burnt Raspberry” pheno by Serious Seeds

 $40/ 5 pack

  • La Vie En Rose (1 packs available)
    Pink x Blue Dream
  • Kirby’s Maize (2 packs available)
    Pink x corn
  • Pink Power Ranger (2 packs available)
    Pink x Pink
  • Freezland OG (1 packs available)
    Pluton x Friesland

  • Russian Doll. 5 pack feminized $40
  • Amnesia – K. 5 pack feminized $40
  • Mataro Blue. CBD. 5 pack feminized $40
  • Kritikal-K. 5 pack feminized $40
  • Speedy Gonzales. Auto. 5 pack feminized $40
  • Kannabia special. 2 pack feminized $20
  • Karibbean Mango. 2 pack feminized $20
  • Kaboom. 2 pack feminized $20
  • Kingston mix – 3 Kaboom, 3 Karibbean Mango and 3 Mataro Blue $70

$40/5 pack

  • Steve Hurkle feminized (3 packs available)
    Tahoe OG x Hurkle
  • Pink Tahoe Kush feminized (5 packs available)
    Tahoe OG x Pink Kush
  • Purple Cornbread (2 packs available)
    Mislabelling of packages. Genetics to be verified still. One pack labeled as Tahoe OG x Cornbread. Other reads Scotts OG x Sour Chemdog

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