Sir Patrick Stewart Opens Up About Using Medical Cannabis

Photo by Gage Skidmore 

Sir Patrick Stewart recently said in an interview that he uses medical cannabis. In an interview with Esquire UK, the 76-year-old opened up about using cannabis spray topically, which he uses to alleviate problems associated with his hands. Stewart will return for the upcoming X-men spin-off Logan, where he plays a weaker, mentally unstable Professor Charles Xavier. The film is the 10th installment of the X-men series. 

Stewart was asked about playing Charles Xavier in old age in the film Logan, and how he is facing the aging process himself. “Physical things [make me feel old]. You get to an age where you go to the doctor, you tell him how old you are and he just shrugs his shoulders and says: ‘Oh, is that it?’” Stewart told Esquire UK. “I mean, my main problem is my hands don’t work very well. But thanks to cannabis they work much better than they used to. Thanks to the law in California now, it’s just a spray that I put on.” Stewart was then asked what happens when he comes back to his home in the UK, where medical cannabis is illegal. “I can’t answer that question,” Stewart said, hinting that there’s more to his use of medical cannabis than he prefers to talk about. 

Stewart is perhaps best known for his deep and authoritative voice. In 2010, he was knighted by Queen Elizabeth II for his contributions to drama. An amusing video surfaced which appears to show Sir Patrick Stewart reportedly stoned. He filmed himself with his then-fiancee Sunny Ozell goofing off in a tree house and giving her acting lessons. 

Stewart also answered questions beyond the upcoming film including questions about immigration, politics and mental illness. Stewart has played Charles Xavier for 17 years now over the course of the film series. Logan is coming to theaters on March 3. 

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