Medical Cannabis Keeps Woman from Heart Transplant

The cannabis community, and compassionate people everywhere, were sent reeling when a woman from Sacramento was denied a heart transplant because of her use of cannabis. 

According to CBS Local, in Sacramento, Summer Waltman suffers heart complications because she has fetal alcohol syndrome. She has previously undergone heart surgery, and she has a pacemaker. Now, Waltman needs a transplant but is being denied one because of her status as a medical cannabis patient. 

Even though there is a state law that prohibits discrimination against medical cannabis patients, the hospital has determined that Waltman’s cannabis use could cause complications with the transplant, and therefore she is not eligible for one. Waltman regularly uses medical cannabis for pain management and to help deal with the side effects of her condition. 

“It seems to me like they’re just sending her just to die,” her cousin, Andrew Babcock, told CBS Local in an interview. “Just watching her go through all this is hard; it’s devastating for the whole family. She didn’t ask for all of that; she just wanted to be a normal person.” 

Mercy General, the hospital denying Waltman the transplant, issued this official statement: “Patient care is our top priority and we respect the privacy of our patients and legally cannot discuss the specifics of their care. There are very strict criteria to qualify for specialized heart procedures.” 

Although it is definitely true that there is not enough research on how a cannabis consumer would accept a transplanted heart, the decision by the hospital to completely deny Waltman any chance of recovery is harsh. As Walman’s story gains more media attention, there is much hope that Waltman and her family will receive the miracle they are currently seeking in the form of another organization that is willing to perform the transplant. 

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