Marc and Jodie Emery Arrested In Toronto

What Kind Of Path To Legalization Starts With A Crackdown On Legalization Activists?

Toronto cannabis activist Chris Goodwin posted on his facebook page late Wednesday night (March 8, 2017) that prominent legalization activists Marc and Jodie Emery have been arrested and their bail hearing is set for 10 AM Thursday morning (March 9, 2017).

This was confirmed shortly after by lawyer Kirk Tousaw.

This is far from being Marc Emery’s first arrest, his longstanding career in libertarian civil disobedience has landed him in jail, including a 5 year stretch in the US following a one-sided extradition process.

Their arrest is another in a Canada-wide crackdown on the same compassion clubs and activist networks that championed Justin Trudeau’s Liberal Party in the 2015 election based entirely on Trudeau’s legalization promise.

Trudeau’s legalization promise has proven to be yet another example in a long line of promises that were made to be broken, while making token gesutres to give the appearance of keeping them.

Other examples include the hearings and consultations for electoral reform, which was another major promise, before declaring that Canadians weren’ interested in it anymore and giving a litany of reasons why it was a bad idea, and announcing he had ended the Harper Government’s P3 requirement for federal infrastructure funding while actually expanding the P3 requirement with the formation of the P3 driven ‘infrastructure bank’.

In this case, Trudeau is playing the long game against legalization, using delay tactics to keep the ball rolling in circles, possibly until the next election when he can use it to win another term, as some activists are suggesting.

The most insulting of these delay tactics is his decision to give control over the legalization process to Bill Blair, a long time anti-cannabis lobbyist and former chief of one of Canada’s most corrupt police forces.

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