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Northern Manitoba RCMP seize 4 kg of marijuana extract ‘shatter’

Alberta man faces slew of charges after drugs found in vehicle near Wabowden, Man.

During a traffic stop near Wabowden, Man., RCMP seized a large quantity of shatter, a potent marijuana derivative. (Brennan Linsley/Associated Press)

An Alberta man faces a slew of charges after Manitoba RCMP found drugs, including four kilograms of “shatter,” a highly potent marijuana derivative, during a traffic stop near Wabowden, Man.

Early Tuesday morning, members of the RCMP North District Crime Reduction Enforcement Team and the local RCMP detachment stopped the vehicle.

During the search of the vehicle, officers said they found 103 pounds (roughly 47 kilograms) of marijuana, a large amount of cash and four kilograms (nine pounds) of shatter.

Shatter looks like a sheet of hard toffee or peanut brittle and has a high concentration of THC, the component which gets people high.

“Those who produce and traffic illicit drugs destroy lives, homes and communities,” RCMP said in a news release.

 Officers found 103 pounds of marijuana, a lot of cash and nine pounds of shatter, a potent marijuana derivative. (Manitoba RCMP)

The 34-year-old Calgary man faces multiple trafficking charges and was remanded into custody.

Wabowden is located about 650 kilometres north of Winnipeg.