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Planting Cannabis Seeds. Germination Part 3 

Planting Cannabis Seeds
Germination- Part 3

Now that the seeds have had time to germinate further, it’s time to plant them in soil. This is just the next step to getting your seedlings the start they need to thrive in your garden. For this part, the supplies you will need are as follows:

  • Germinated Seeds
  • Soil (nice and loose, with lots of perlite)
  • Sharpie Marker
  • Small Pots or Trays
  • Masking Tape
  • Trays
  • Humidity Domes
  • Spray Bottle with Clean Water
  • Mycorrhizae Powder
  • Worm Castings

I like to get everything ready and in front of me, it makes things go much more smoothly.

Organization is key to not mislabeling the seedlings. It’s important you respect people’s genetics. It’s not something to throw around lightly. So proper labelling to be sure the proper strains are in their spot is so crucial.

I set out all my pots in the trays, or you can use seedling trays if you’d like as well. I find the small round or square pots are best to tape labels onto. Once your pots are set up, take your tape and put a piece on each pot for labelling.

Once you pots are ready, fill them about a quarter way up with soil. I like to stay deep in the pot to start, this way if any of the seedling are not that strong, you have room to add a bit of soil to help with support of the weaker stems while they are maturing,

Once your soil is in your pots, use the butt end of your sharpie(clean it first), or anything will work for this just to poke little holes in the center of the pot, where you will be planting the seedling.

Do this in every pot so you have it done. Go about half to three quarters of an inch down.

Once your holes are poked into the soil, you will take your spray bottle and give the little holes a spray so they are nice and damp with moisture. Carefully remove your seedlings, many use tweasers to pick up and handle the seedling so as they don’t come in contact with dirty hands.(always wash your f&@$&g hands!!!!, I should not have to mention this but I will).

Still, try not to touch the seedling too much.

Again, I do one strain at a time, as to not mix up any strains, which i have done before, so this is why I say this. You will do one strain at a time. Take the number of seeds, label the same number of pots with the appropriate names.

Take the seedlings and plant them in their individual slots. Cover them with just a little dirt. Enough to make sure they are covered but that is enough.

At this point I take my worm castings and sprinkle a little over the spot the seeds are planted, maybe a tablespoon. I sprinkle mycorrhizae powder on the castings and then use a spray bottle to water the pot directly in the center where the seed is planted. This brings the mycorrhizae, as well as a bit of casting down into the seedling that it will for sure appreciate.

Once the seedlings are planted, inoculated, and watered I like them to retain the moisture in the soil as long as possible. Being in such small pots, they don’t take long to dry out with the proper air flow in your garden. For this I prefer to use humidity domes. I open the little vents just a little to let fresh air in. But other than that they remain closed unless watering, and until the seedlings have come up, and have a decent start. At first you will water 2-3 times a day, just a little squirt on the seedling as it comes up.

Depending on the strain, and the conditions, the strains usually surface at different times. Some are faster than others and some may seem like they may never surface. Don’t give up right away, just keep it moist and keep diligent, and in most cases eventually the seed will come up.

I hope I increased your chances of success with these tips. As I always say, I’m not claiming this to be the best or only method, it’s just my preferred method from years of practice, research as well as trial and error in organics.

Please keep watch for more upcoming articles, I hope to keep up and have them out regularly. I hope you enjoyed, and that you are back to read the future articles.

Best regards and happy gardening!!!!



Saalome Dojah’s Bio

Organic Cannabis Cultivation

With Saalome Dojah

I think before I begin my writings, I would like to introduce myself and share a bit about myself and my experience as an organic gardener. I have always had an interest in cannabis cultivation, some have even compared it to an obsession. Even before I ever put my first seed in the ground, I had binders and booklets of my own research of general cannabis cultivation, and the science behind it. I had no idea the things I was about to learn…

After a brief run with advanced nutrients (synthetic nutrients), I discovered true living organics, a gardening method that utilizes the microbial life within the soil to do the work for you. True living organic gardening is more than a growing method, it becomes a lifestyle of sorts. Everything you do seems to coincide with everything else, just as it would in nature. You start to understand how nature works, and you start to become a way for nature to thrive through you, the way she has for many millions of years.These methods are not new, and there is nobody that can claim these methods as their own, except Mother Nature herself. Many have figured them out, and have helped bring it back to the growers. The Rev has played a huge part in my success as a grower, being a friend and mentor for many years.

There are some simple rules to follow, and if you stick to these rules, it can be simple to grow some good, clean medicine for you to medicate with and enjoy. I am starting over from seed, after some issues with powdery mildew. It was the first time i have ever had it in almost a decade of growing. I am sharing this because first thing you should know is, all growers have their problems from time to time. Learning as well go, and sometimes the lessons come at a high price. If possible I would like to share my mistakes I have made as well, so that you can avoid be same downfalls, even though I have had mostly positive experiences.

     I will be sharing each step, as I go, and sharing my true experience with you. I have perfected, (well I like to think so), some basic steps and methods for germination, transplanting, soil building, and everything from seed to harvest. These are by no means the only way, and there maybe easier ways that may work better for you. It’s all about finding you niche. I am not claiming to grow pounds of weed, it has never been about that for me. I have a very special relationship with this plant, having used it to ease my MS symptoms for over a decade. So the meds I grow, are grown from the heart, and for me quality is more important than yield. I am also a disabled man, getting older each day. It begins to catch up with you very fast. So growing more smaller plants was a better, more feasible option for me.

I have a legal ACMPR license to grow 50 plants for medicine in Canada, and have been a legal patient for many years.

I just started some seeds and I will get to the write ups. I hope for those of you looking for some guidance and somewhere to begin, I can help you in some way.

I will be starting with an article about my germination methods, and take it step by step from there. I will include as much relevant information as possible as well as detailed photos, for reference.

I hope you enjoy, and if you already know everything, than this won’t be of any help to you, move on. One thing that will never change for me, is that I will never stop learning, and trying to better my skills as an organic gardener.

Best regards, and happy gardening!!!