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ACMPR cannabis oil price scan, Feb 28, 2017

 Cannabinoid content and the price of medical cannabis in Canada vary with licensed producer, location of production, and production method. We track cannabinoid content and pricing data for all available cannabis oils to understand how these prices change over time, and to highlight offerings with the best value. 

 Publicly available information from licensed producer websites was logged February 28th 2017 for all available cannabis oils in the ACMPR. Potential THC and CBD content was logged from each producer website. In cases where percent values were given, the datum was converted to mg/mL units. Cannabinoid ratios with dried cannabis are used for producers that do not show actual medicinal content of oils. Non-compassionate pricing was taken for each offering, and for LPs offering multiple volumes, we’ve shown the price for the largest volume. Each instance was counted for offerings of the same cannabis oil in different concentrations. Cannabis oils available in two separate forms(oil and capsules) were counted once. 
  The number of cannabis oils available to ACMPR patients increased to 60 this month. New to the summary, Broken Coast has created a Custom Blend with 25mg of THC per mL. In total, 15 producers produce oils for their patients, and 13 of these producers had oils available at the time of this scan. All producers with oils available had at least one THC oil in their store. Of the 15 producers, 7 had at least one cannabis oil with significant amounts of CBD (and negligible amounts of THC) available. Nine of 15 producers had at least one 1:1 offering available with comparable amounts of THC and CBD. Two producers have unique cannabis oil variants available as well; Emerald Care has a sativa and indica oil with cannabinoids in carboxylated form. Whistler also has a high THCA oil available along with a high CBG oil. 

Seventy percent of the total number of cannabis oils had significant amounts of THC compared to other cannabinoids. These THC offerings had an average of 21.94 mg/mL of THC. Thirteen percent of the offerings (8 selections) had significant amounts of CBD compared to amounts of THC. These CBD offerings had an average of 17.07 mg of CBD per mL of oil. The remaining 10 (17%) offerings had even or comparable amounts of THC and CBD (1:1 cannabis oils).

 The average price for 10mg of THC was $1.02, down from $1.13 last month. Aphria’s Champlain Indica is the lowest price for THC, at $0.60 per 10mg THC. 

The average cost for 10mg CBD was $1.61, down from $1.67 last month. For the third month in a row, Canntrust’s CBD offering maintains the market minimum price ($0.90 per 10mg). Tweed and Aphria also have CBD oils priced below $1.00 per 10mg of CBD. 

For 10mg of cannabinoids (THC or CBD) from 1:1 strains the price was $1.14, down from $1.82 when this summary was performed last month. The minimum price for THC/CBD cannabinoids from a 1:1 cannabis oil was $0.67, from Aphria’s Capilano Hybrid Oil. 

 For specific information on each cannabis oil, as well as information on each producer, check out Lift. 

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